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Frederick Sutter MD regenerative orthopedics

Frederick Sutter MD, MBA

Frederick T. Sutter, M.D., M.B.A. is a sports medicine physician and board-certified specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (also referred to as Physiatry). As a Physiatrist he employs non-surgical modalities to diagnose and treat orthopedic conditions and injuries. A dedicated advocate for wellness and preventive medicine, Dr. Sutter integrates traditional musculoskeletal medicine and exercise with nutritional and other lifestyle medicine approaches with his treatment programs. He is a sought after speaker on many topics including: nutrition, weight loss, musculoskeletal medicine, natural pain management interventions and nutritional supplements. He is also a member of the Heel, Inc. speakers’ bureau and conducts several training and clinical roundtable events annually, including several international medical conferences and local events throughout the U.S. He has studied in Germany and is the only certified Biopuncture trainer in the US. Locally, Dr. Sutter has provided educational seminars at his office for over 15 years and has been a featured speaker with Docs Talks and the yearly Youth Sports Injury Conference at Anne Arundel Medical Center. An athlete himself, Dr. Sutter is the ’06 Masters World Singles Rowing Champion and a former National Elite Sculls Champion. He is a published author in the medical text book Advancing Medicine with Food and Nutrients, now in its second edition, with his chapter “Surgery: Nutrient Therapy to Optimize Outcomes”. He has created the business Lifestyle Medicine Consultants, Inc. to share his expertise with physicians and other healthcare professionals in the science-based integration of lifestyle medicine principles into their practices, with a particular focus on pain management. With his knowledge and vision, Dr. Sutter extends the scientific principles of Lifestyle Medicine and optimum nutrition to his patients, safely guiding them towards higher levels of fitness, true healing and lasting good health.


Jefferson Medical College Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Masters of Business Administration Health Sciences Concentration Johns Hopkins University