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regenerative orthopedics Emily Spichal, DPM MS

Emily Splichal DPM, MS

As a Podiatrist, Human Movement Specialist and Global Leader in Barefoot Science and Rehabilitation, Dr. Splichal has developed a keen eye for movement dysfunction and neuromuscular control during gait. With the advancement of 3-D kinematics and surface EMG, Dr. Splichal is able to take her assessment skills to a higher level which allows for more detailed rehabilitation programming. Originally trained as a surgeon through Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, NY and Mt Vernon Hospital in Mt Vernon, NY Dr. Splichal has a deep appreciation for the role of surgical intervention as it relates to orthopedic pathology and often offers an unbiased second opinion on the appropriateness of surgical recommendations. Functional and regenerative medicine and the role of anti-aging science as it relates to movement longevity is where Dr. Splichal's passion is focused. Currently enrolled in a Fellowship for Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) Dr. Splichal offers prolotherapy, stem cell therapy, whole body vibration, Class IV lasers, dry needling, acupuncture and vitamin supplementation as an integral part of her treatment protocol. If you are seeking answers outside of conventional recommendations of orthotics and surgery Dr. Splichal may be able to offer you an innovative, comprehensive treatment option. Visit for more information about Dr. Splichal's integrative podiatry practice.