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Joe Veltmann Phd

Joe Veltmann, Ph.D.

Joe R. Veltmann PhD FAAIM DCCN Dr. Joe Veltmann is a scientist, healthcare practitioner, expert in genomic testing and interpretation, author, teacher and innovator. With over thirty years of experience as a researcher, and nutritional, functional and integrative medicine practitioner, Dr. Joe has made a career of translating lab results into practical clinical applications for patients around the world. Using the GENESIS Matrix™ holistic health model he created, exploring the interactions between seven variables to create better preventive health strategies, he added genomic testing and interpretation in 2001 to explore and uncover predispositions for chronic diseases and cancer long before symptoms appeared. This approach led to improved patient outcomes not only in his own practice, but also in a corporate wellness program, where significant cost savings were realized. Using personalized genomic medicine within a comprehensive model, he achieved 20% yearly cost savings for four years for a self-insured company, along with improved health and disease prevention for its members. He created and taught nutrition science programs to graduate students while an Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University. Author of more than 30 published scientific papers that have been cited hundreds of times, Dr. Veltmann continues to contribute to the knowledge of other scientists and clinicians. He regularly presents informative webinars educating healthcare professionals and the general public about the benefits of genomics in the prevention and treatment of cancer and other chronic diseases. He has also presented at numerous conferences and has been an invited keynote speaker on nutrition, integrative health, and genomics. Previously Co-founder and Chief Science Officer for Genomic Solutions Now and NCG Health Solutions, Dr. Veltmann is now Co-founder and Chief Science Officer for Genoma International. He and Dr. Kline also have a clinical consulting practice, the GENESIS Center for Personalized Health. He envisions creating a world where medicine is a cooperative effort between healthcare professionals and their patients to leverage the results of genomic testing and interpretation, functional diagnostic testing and a person’s own biography to create a personalized, patient-centered environment in the prevention and treatment of chronic illnesses.