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Joseph Yousefian MD regenerative orthopedics revA

Joseph Yousefian DMD MS

Dr. Yousefian has been recognized by his peers as an expert in his field. He has been providing cutting-edge diagnosis, prevention and comprehensive treatment for health conscious individuals with complex issues including; bite problems, TMJ-related jaw pain and headaches, snoring and sleep apnea and facial aging for over 23 years. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics. Dr. Yousefian obtained his degree in dentistry from Washington University in St. Louis in 1987, and completed three years of post-graduate training in orthodontics at Ohio State University in 1991. He received dual Masters of Science Degree in Biology and Physical Anthropology. Dr. Yousefian has served as a Clinical Assistant Professor and Orthodontic Research Associate at Ohio State University and the University of Washington Department of Pediatrics and Orthodontics. He is actively involved with several research projects including; a National Institutes of Health funded project in collaboration with the University of Washington and other universities across the United States and Canada. He is an active lecturer nationally and internationally to universities, dental and medical societies and study clubs. He has contributed more than 30 publications and chapters in refereed scientific journals and textbooks. His innovative approach to treatment of TMD and sleep apnea has been taught to the dental and medical practitioners in his study clubs called “Comprehensive Treatment Seminars.” He has been invited to numerous local and international meetings as well as TV health programs, to present his experience with this new integrative medical/dental treatment paradigm "Teledontics". You can find this material and patients’ testimonials on our website Dr. Yousefian is a consultant to several dental and orthodontic companies and is recognized for his innovative treatment techniques and philosophy in prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of related issues with temporomandibular disorders (TMD) and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in children and adults. His strategy for management of OSA, TMD and facial aging as effective medical/dental protocols for comprehensive treatment of these disorders has been published in the bestselling dental textbook “Goal-Directed Orthodontics” in 2013 and a second edition in 2015. Dr. Yousefian's passion for scientific research has won him numerous accolades, including the internationally recognized American Association of Orthodontists Award of Special Merit. Dr. Yousefian has obtained several undisputed patents on orthodontic and sleep appliances which are currently manufactured and distributed by leading orthodontic laboratories.